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On November 1, 2012, Evernote changed the way clients have to authenticate with its web service. Implementation of the new authentication method is not feasible at this time, therefore you need a developer token to synchronize.

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Add your voice

I want to make this an app you love, but I can't do it all on my own. Let me know what's important to you: leave your vote in the Issue Tracker or participate in the Discussions or just email me what you think.
Don't hesitate to complain about the small things. If I can tangibly improve the app in under twenty minutes — all the better.

Development is on hold due to the author's satisfaction with the current state of the program and lack of new requests from users.


  • Rich text note creation and editing
  • TODO list creation and editing
  • Ink and photo note creation
  • Optional synchronization with your Evernote account
  • Offline note storage
  • High performance and small memory footprint


Here are the current requirements. Tell me, if you need something different.
  • Windows Mobile 5 or 6
  • Resolution 240x240 or higher
  • Touchscreen


If you are a programmer, designer or an artist, you can make your own changes to this app. The user interface is done in HTML; the source code is simple C++ and tested for being easy to build. If there is something you want to change, let me know to make sure it fits with the overall development direction and for help getting started.

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